Rogers Resort Inc.

14506 M-60 Jones, Michigan 49061

2018 Events


4/28 Free Coffee in the Store

5/11--5/13 1/2 Price Row Boat Rental

(Take MOM Fishing)

5/19 BlackJack Tournament

6/15--6/17 1/2 Price Row Boat Rental

(Take DAD Fishing)

6/23 PickleBall Tournament

6/22--6/24 Huge Candy Sale

6/30 Most Patriotic Site Contest

7/14 Movie Night

7/28 Camper's Choice

8/4 Yard Jenga Tournament

8/18 Dice Tournament

9/2 Fishing Contest

(Labor Day Weekend)(Prizes Awarded)

9/8 Euchre Tournament

10/1 Hugemongous Store Sale

10/20 End of Year Party

Events and event dates are subject to change without notice.

All events are based on interest at the time of the event.

More events or different events may be scheduled.

Suggestions Welcome!